Maps I've made of areas in COGG.

Do you have a map you'd like me to link to on this page? I will be happy to put it up here and credit you. Get in touch with me with info on the contact page.

Bald Hill Interior (Mobs: 340, 360, 380, Mapped by Black)

Coastal Cliffs (Mobs: 100)

Dense Copse (Mobs: 240, Mapped by Black)

Dusklamp (Mobs: 220, Mapped by Black)

Icewind Trail (Mobs: 400, 420, 600, Mapped by Black)

Kildr Dale (Mapped by Black)

Pirate Dens (Mobs: 200, 220)

Ravenwood (Mobs: 100, 160, 180, 200, 320)


Tarueka (Mobs: 100, 120, 140, 300)