This is the website of the player of Orris, a character in the online MUD called COGG. Come join us on adventures in the ruins of the Lost Lands, be you warrior, adventurer, scholar, or crafter.

About Orris

Orris is an adventurer who grew up in the Parr Isles and currently resides in the Lost Lands. He has joined the Adventurer Guild as a Bard, having a love for music, lore, exploration, and adventure. He hopes to one day secure a ship and crew so he can explore the seas of the quarantine. When not out adventuring he prefers to stay in New Emberlight, a small coastal town where he has gotten to know some of the locals and has helped fight off invading nethrim from the sea. He is a devout servant of Nereia the Sea Goddess, and also respects her sister Naia the River Goddess and father Vodr the Stormbringer, and gives due respect to Verungnr the Abyssal Horror. To learn more about Orris, find him ingame.

About Me

I love all things nautical and maritime, since I've lived beside the ocean all my life in two different countries: the islands of the Philippines and currently west coast of the United States. My interests align with this: I love the beach, surfing, swimming, sea shanties, and it is my dream to one day do some serious sailing. I have gone on short sailing trips but nothing significant. So if you wonder why my characters are always obsessed with sailing, now you know. I also enjoy reading, gaming, and singing.