Guides for how to various things in COGG.

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Diving for loot is unlocked at 200 Swimming skill. You can then use the DIVE command while in special places to search underwater. Among other things you can find mussels, sea-glass, and even rare waterlogged coffers. Most things you find can be sold at the market. It's not a big money maker, but it can be enjoyable for people who invest in swimming to employ their skill for something other than just getting from here to there. Once you've found a few things, you'll want to give it a rest or go to a different diving spot, because I've found it takes a while for diving nodes to replenish their resources. There are a few places in the game to go diving, but I will leave them for players to discover on their own. Join me in bugging Rias to add more.

In addition to diving for loot, at 300 skill you are able to dive and stay below the water's surface and swim around in very rare underwater areas. You will run out of breath before long, so pay attention and SWIM UP before you black out. In my experiments, more Swimming skill will give you more time to hold your breath before you run out of air.



Fishing is a good way to kill some time and get some experience doing it, and a little pocket change or something to eat. There are two types of fishing you can do: Angling and Spearfishing.

It's important to know that different fishing environments exist. If you type SURVEY in different fishing areas, you might see...

The different environments will get you different kinds of fish. I've also found spots of the same environment that have different types of fish, which I believe to be based on the biome. For instance, I found a river in a mountain biome that had different fish than the river in the forest outside Shadgard. There also seem to be one or two places with special fish I've never seen anywhere else. So it can be rewarding to get out there and find unique fishing areas.

When you catch a fish it will say how long the fish is. If you find an especially big fish, bring it by one of the Fishing Record Boards in the world to see if you beat any records. There are daily, monthly, and all-time fishing records, and you get experience for setting a new one. There are fishing record boards in the Lost Ranger Hunter's Lodge in Shadgard, and the Laughing Salamander Tavern in New Emberlight.


Angling is fishing using a rod, line, hook, and bait. These can all be bought. Rod, line, and hooks can be found in a general store. Earthworms can be bought in the Fishing Shack in New Emberlight, or you can dig them up yourself. Go to a room with dirt and type DIG WORMS. I used to do this, but I've eventually gotten lazy and now I usually just buy them. Maybe one day there will be special bait that can't be bought.

Always bring some extra fishing line, hooks, and lots of bait. If your line snaps, and it will eventually snap, you will need new line and a new hook. You can attach any of these things to a fishing rod by holding the rod in one hand, the hook, line, or bait in the other, and typing ATTACH. I've never noticed my fishing rod get damaged, so I haven't had to replace that so far.

When you're ready with your rod equipped with line, hook, and bait, go to a place where fishing is available. Any wilderness tile near a river or lake will work, and most rooms that describe being near a lake, river, or ocean will work, but not all. Once you're there, just type FISH, and wait to feel a bite. Once you get a bit, type PULL over and over until you either catch or lose the fish. That's about all there really is to the basics. With seeing all the messages and the dice rolls, it even feels a little like combat, which makes it feel more interesting.

If you're just fishing for pleasure and not food or profit, you can RELEASE a fish back into the water.


Spearfishing feels to me like easy mode fishing. I hope one day it becomes more complex. For now, just buy a spear, go to a fishing area, and type SPEARFISH. Then you just wait and when a fish comes by, you'll either hit it or miss it and it'll leave. Your spear will take damage each time, and you'll eventually need to get a replacement. I usually just get whittled spears which are cheap at the market, but ones with stone or metal heads seem to last longer before needing replacement.